Trained in Drawing and Painting at Maidstone College of Art, he has worked in advertisings as an illustrator and Creative Director with a major international advertising agency. He has participated in group shows both here and abroad where he has a number of works in private collections. He has been active and visible as a painter on the international scene for many years now, and participated in the groundbreaking 1978 ICA Summer Exhibition with the Bell St Gallery Conceptual Art Group.


“Extraordinary in their psychological acuity, Stanley Kerr's portraits evince a skilful grasp of colour and texture. They disclose a fleeting truth that is as much technical intuition as emotional radar. Faces are taken from the side, obscured, at times in traditional 3/4 profile, limned in subtle tonalities and with expressive power that calls on affinities as diverse as Renaissance portraiture. The compositions are precise and uncluttered, the figure or face against a background of some rich, modulated colour. There is an electricity to their classical poise, an aura of self-sufficiency as object vying with a personal force.

Britart Gallery

  • Banking on People - A visual expression of the Standard Chartered culture. Investor Limited Edition 2010
  • Behind the Portrait - 2003 Article on portraits. Beach Magazines and Publishing - Junior Magazine 2004 -
  • Purchase with Passion Country Homes, IPC Magazines 2003


  • ICA 78 Summer Exhibition with the Conceptual Art Group Gallery LissonStreet
  • EKATE, Famagusta Gate, Nicosia Cyprus
  • Laban Cultural Centre Beirut
  • 2004 Royal Society of Portrait Painters
  • 2003 The Mall Gallery London
  • 2004 Prema Gallery Gloucestershire
  • 2004 London Art Fair 2004 Design Centre, Islington, London
  • 2004 Mixed show, The Gallery Cork St W1
  • 2005 Sheridan Russell, Gallery
  • 2005 Florence Fine Art, Gt. Russell St. London
  • 2005 Sheridan Russell Gallery, Marylebone, London
  • 2005 Artifex, The Plaza, Birmingham
  • 2006 Grafton Gallery, London
  • 2006 AFF Battersey London
  • 2006 Red Gallery, Thame, Oxford
  • 2006 Carby Gallery, Aberdeen
  • 2007 Contemporary Fine Art Eton
  • 2008 Flaubert Gallery Edinburgh
  • 2009 Colomb Gallery Marylebone London
  • 2010 Rowley Gallery Kensington London
  • 2010 Colomb Gallery Marylebone London


  • Blue on Blue Standard Chartered, London
  • Einstein Seymour Stein MCA Records New York
  • Jukebox Girl Tellalis Cyprus
  • Natural Dimension Avedessian Paris
  • The studio Khoury Beirut